• Guarantee good soundproofing, thermal insulation and air-tightness.
  • Guarantee good ventilation of the room while remaining private and anti-leakage.
  • Use lightweight materials, helping to reduce the building’s load.
  • Aluminum profile is designed with hollow chambers and rationally reinforced frames. So, the door has high resistance capacity.
  • Capacity to endure vibration, compression and force from outside.
  • Wide and luxurious aluminum glass door connects and expands the space, creating a comprehensive view of the room.
  • Suitable for many styles of building architectures.
  • Economic efficiency in use.
  • Aluminum is a durable, lightweight material compared to other materials. It synchronizes with locking system to guarantee high air-tightness and safety for the construction.
  • The painted aluminum surface helps the door fight against corrosion and fading over time.

  • Aluminum profiles 6063-T5 (door frame, wing frame).
  • Glass (single glass, box glass).
  • Double rubber gasket system ensures air-tightness and appropriateness.
  • Hardware fittings: multi-point bolts, A shape hinges, handles, locks

Hinged door

Sliding door

Slide and fold door

Door system profile template


Windows is a new generation of aluminum and glass doors, aluminum bar is designed with a box-like structure, divided into many empty compartments as well as tight sealing gaskets in the middle, combined with glass and soundproof inert gas. is the ideal condition to minimize noise and give your home the best quiet space.

Sustainable with time

To have a set of durable doors over time, all the materials that make up the door set must be consistent in durability. Synchronous accessories system with multi-point latches, A-shaped hinges, specialized locks make the doors not only aesthetic but also ensure high safety and precision in use. Specially designed gaskets to ensure tightness are elastic plastic with durability over 10 years.


Combined with box glass system, side door CO., LTD. We will respond to the wise choice of customers in protecting the temperature inside your home, minimizing the impact of temperature outside the environment, as well as protecting your house by external factors such as dust, rain, polluted air, ...

High economic efficiency

With outstanding features such as sound insulation, thermal insulation and tightness, consumers will save a lot of electricity when using air conditioners. Especially, the sustainability will help customers to choose the products of our company without worrying about deformation or degradation of the door systems of construction works.