Glass cleaning is a regular maintenance work today as almost every building and every construction has a glass system. Besides meeting all architectural demands, it also creates the aesthetic value for the whole architecture.

After being put into use for a while, due to external influences such as rain, wind, smoke and dust, the glass system of the building gradually becomes blurry and dusty. For convenient places, it is possible to clean and wash the glass. However, in hidden corners or far and high places with no grip, it would be necessary and wise to use professional glass cleaning service. The cost depends on the amount of cleaning work and the height of cleaning position.

We provide various kinds of glass cleaning services for buildings, for various situations and landscape, at any height, ranging from easy to difficult, from simple to complex, from interior to exterior window, from shade/louver to flat glass. All the needs for glass cleaning, maintenance and reparation are met and solved at the most reasonable price.


Preparation of premises, equipment and chemicals.

Prepare necessary equipment to guarantee the highest quality of work.


Initial stain cleaning

Perform initial cleaning for paint stains, glues or dirt anywhere on the building.

Chemical cleaning

Mix chemical substance and clean glass frames. Clean glass with suitable chemicals.

Check and finish

Check the cleanliness of the surface after cleaning. Clean up the work area.