Cooperation & Development Co., Ltd has achieved a noticeable and steady growth as it does today thanks to nonstop hard work and efforts of the whole corporate team during its establishment and development.

Cooperation & Development Co., Ltd always encourages our employees to keep learning to expand their knowledge and expertise. Based on actual circumstances and learning needs of the staff, we propose and set up training programs to help staff improve their skills and unleash their potentials. Investing in the education of the staff, providing coaching opportunities and leadership interactions to develop our employees holistically is a top priority of our HR strategy.

Cooperation & Development Co., Ltd is proud to create a working environment that helps employees to learn and improve constantly. We nurture a system of leadership culture where communication and exchange of information between individuals is straightforward and transparent. In addition, we have our own policies to support personal lives of our employees and their families, with high regards to the health and safety of our employees.