What is wood plastic (English: WPC – Wood Plastic Composite), also known as Wood Composite, is a synthetic material, made from wood pulp and plastic. In addition to plastic and wood pulp, WPC may also contain some cellulose or inorganic fillers. Therefore, WPC can also be called natural fiber plastic composites or plastic reinforced natural fibers. WPC has many applications in the market, especially used as raw materials. Wood plastic is most widely used in outdoor buildings such as outdoor flooring, and can also be used for railings, outdoor fences, decorative wood, screens, park benches, frames cover doors and windows, … or can make interior and exterior wood.
Manufacturers claim that wood plastic is more environmentally friendly, and costs less maintenance than other solid wood treatments. In addition to chipping, cracking, these treated wood can also be terminated and decayed quickly due to the humid outside environment. Wood Plastic is still a very new material compared to the long history of natural wood’s use in construction materials, but it can replace wood in most non-bearing (non-bearing) situations. -structural).

A major advantage of plastic wood over wood is the ability of the raw material to form almost any shape as required. Due to the combination in the manufacturing process, plastic wood has just the nature of wood: aesthetic surface, capable of processing into many different applications and morphologies. At the same time, plastic wood has the properties of plastic: moisture-proof, anti-decaying, although hardened ability may not be hardwood but with a good blend of wood pulp, plastic and additives The strong point for plastic wood is that its resistance to cracking and warping is minimized for a much longer time than hardwoods. more environmental, less maintenance and repair costs than regular solid wood Plastic wood does not need to be painted, because in the production process, it has mixed the necessary colors and anti-UV color, because So the ability to keep the color of plastic wood is also much more guaranteed. Plastic wood is a long-term investment in many aspects: Quality, aesthetics, costs for outdoor architectural works … With the outstanding advantages as above, toughened glass partitions as a complete solution. optimal in the office.

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