Hinged door is the main entrance door, open by turning inward or outward, with 1 wing, 2 wings, or 4 wings. Diverse sizes and styles suitable for many architecture styles.

Sliding door is open by sliding on tracks, including 2 tracks and 3 tracks with 2 wings, 3 wings or 4 wings. Opening and closing does not limit the space and area of use of the room. Avoid the risk of wind slamming the door. Ability to make big-size doors.

  • Slide and fold door is the optimum solution for open spaces with accessory system that can be used for both even or odd number of wings, easily designed with 3, 4, 6 wings and more on demand of your space.
  • Slide and fold door with sliding door track system combined with synchronous accessory system for easy operation with maximum opening capacity, ideal for shop, multi-purpose room, conference hall, garden hall, pool or open space for coffee shop etc.
  • Optimal design, high maneuverability, proper elements of the door system enables it to open quickly and easily.

Hinged door

Sliding door

Slide and fold door

Door system profile template


The door is a new type of aluminum-glass door with the aluminum profile designed in a box-like shape, divided into several openings with tightly sealed layers of gaskets in the middle, combined with soundproof air. It all works together to create the ideal condition to minimize noise and make your home the most relaxing tranquil space.


In order to have a set of durable doors, all component materials set have to be synchronized in terms of durability. The synchronous set of accessories with multi-point bolts, A shape hinges, and specialty locks give the doors not only an aesthetic look but also guarantee safety and high accuracy in use. Specialty gasket which guarantees air-tightness made of flexible plastic resin will last for more than 10 years.

Thermal Insulation

Coupled with the box glass system, we provide our customers with the intelligent choice of regulating the temperature inside your home, minimizing the impact of outside temperature, as well as protecting your home from external factors such as dust, rain, air pollution, etc.

High economic efficiency

With outstanding features such as soundproofing, thermal insulation and air-tightness, our doors help consumers save a lot of power when turning on air conditioner. Particularly, durability helps customers feel assured when choosing our products without worrying about the deformation or degradation of the door system of the building.