COOPERATION AND DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD would like to send our best regards to you, our valued customers and partners!

Since 2000, in Vietnam emerged a new material for interior and exterior decoration – the composite aluminum panel. It soon proves its outstanding advantages and is widely used for multi-story buildings and large commercial centers in modern urban areas etc.

The quick and simple installation without limiting the imagination of architecture, and the durability of the building contributes to materialize timeless majestic constructions and thus receives the praise of many experts in the field of construction and architecture.


Having determined the needs of the market with an indispensable orientation in the process of technical development towards modernization of the country, in early 2006, COOPERATION AND DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD was born with the dream to match. Collaborate with architects in construction companies to provide customers with new and modern buildings.

Currently, after nearly 15 years of establishment, with a skillful technical team and strict construction organization, DEVELOPMENT AND DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD is ready to supply and install aluminum composite panels, aluminum walls, walls. high quality glass, etc. for any project. with the fastest speed.

Reliable partner

Since its inception, COOPERATION AND DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD has become a reliable partner and a trustworthy companion of big investors and companies in the market.

We are a professional contractor in the construction of aluminum alloy panels, curtain walls, glass walls, aluminum glass doors, etc. Customers consistently find that they are not only satisfied with durable and aesthetic constructions, but also feel assured and at peace while being cared for by our considerate after-sales services.